Motorcampers cost DKK 155 per day.

Tickets for guest boats, motorcampers, crane lifts and tugs can be purchased at the ticket machine at the harbour office.
Cash (DKK and €) can be used as well as most types of credit cards.

Code for toilet/service building and internet is on the ticket receipt.

Length fromLength toPrice per dayPrice per week only by prepayment
0,00 m6,99 mDKK 155,00DKK 775,00
7,00 m9.99 mDKK 175,00DKK 875,00
10,00 m12,99 mDKK 195,00DKK 975,00
13,00 m15,99 mDKK 225,00DKK 1125,00
16,00 m18,99 mDKK 295,00DKK 1.475,00
Over 19 DKK 395,00DKK 1.975,00

Crane Prices per lift:


Weight from in tonsWeight to in tonsPrices
05DKK 460
58DKK 640
812DKK 1.000
1220DKK 1.450
Pick-up / launch within 1 hour is 1 lift
Lift over an hour for repairs = DKK 400 per commenced hour

Mast crane:

DKK 150 only by agreement with the harbor master.


1 day = 60 DKK.
1 month = DKK 250.
1 year = DKK 650.
Sticker from ticket machine is put on the boat. Boats without a sticker will be charged DKK 700.

Coins for the washing machines and dryers are bought in the payment machine. Price DKK 10 each.