Welcome to Aarøsund Lystbådehavn

– one of Denmark’s friendliest ports

We look forward to welcoming you to a new season.

We hope you will enjoy your stay. The harbour offers a great number of good facilities. There are for instance several barbecue areas, a playground for the children, “Perlen” with kitchen facilities, and a bookcase with games and exchange books.

In “Perlen” the harbour master’s office is situated. The payment machine is placed on the outside wall, and most cards can be used for payment of harbour fees etc.
Water, electricity and bath facilities are included in the harbour fees.

On the receipt there are 2 codes: 1 for the harbour’s free internet, and 1 for the service building with toilets and bath facilities, and the waste yard. The network is called Aarosund Hotspot ONet, Aarosund Hotspot2 ONet and Aarosund Hotspot3 ONet. In the service building there is also a washing machine as well as a dryer.
Washing coins are bought in the payment machine for harbour fees.

In the harbour, there is also a slipway, a mast crane, and a stationary crane with a capacity of 20 tons. Use of the slipway and cranes must be paid in the payment machine. For use of the cranes, please contact the harbour master.

The boatyard in Årøsund, phone no. +45 74 58 43 14 offers all types of repairs. Please see www.aarosundbaadebyggeri.dk.

Marine diesel can be bunkered at the lighthouse situated where you enter the harbour. Facilities necessary for emptying your holding tank are available there too.

Various types of bottled gas can be bought from the harbour master who can be reached on phone +45 74 58 48 63 or cell phone +45 21 76 18 63.